Individual insurance brokers

At Assurances Leduc, we always offer the best protection in order to insure what is most valuable to you. As fourth-generation brokers who specialize in individual insurance, we have a vast knowledge of the products that are best suited to your specific needs. No matter what you require in terms of insurance, we’ve got a lot to offer.

Assurance automobiole

Car insurance

From the moment you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, you need to be insured. Car insurance not only covers accidents; it also protects you against theft, vandalism and other mishaps on the road. Find out more about the best products for you.

Assurance Habitation

Home insurance

No matter your situation (owner, co-owner or tenant), your home insurance guarantees you peace of mind. Whether you live in a condo or a house, there is a tailor-made product for your type of dwelling. Ask us about the different options: we can help you out.

Assurance vehicule recreatif

Recreational vehicle insurance

Did you know that there are insurance products made to measure for recreational vehicles? Whether you own a boat, RV, all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile or collection vehicle, we invite you to call us for help finding the right protection.

Assurance voyage

Travel insurance

Experienced travellers will tell you: no matter the extent of your trip, it’s essential to be insured in case of unforeseen events. At Assurances Leduc, we offer an array of Blue Cross products that provide you with complete protection. Ask us about them today.

Trust one of our specialized brokers to evaluate your needs.